Enjoy a Lake House Vacation

Introduction: Taking a lake house vacation isn't that much different than going to the beach. It still offers most of the same waterfront views and water based activities, and sometimes it can even provide more experiences than those by the sea, owing to sheltered conditions or archaeological finds. This article gives a few tips on planning and enjoying an affordable, and memorable, lake house vacation.

Step 1 : Make the time spent at the lake house one of interaction with family and friends

Aim to balance the things you want to do alone with activities that involve family members and friends who have come along to the lake house with you. Spend time playing outdoor games together, doing water activities together, and eating meals together. Visit the local attractions as a group or in pairs, so that you have someone or a group to share the sightseeing with.

Step 2 : Benefit from the dock or pier at the lake.

Benefit from the dock or pier at the lake. Use it as a quiet spot to read a book, or use it as a diving platform or fishing perch. You could also skip rocks from it or view the wildlife. For those who love to paint, draw, or take photographs, the lake view at different times of the day can make for fascinating subject matter over the time spent there.

Step 3 : Choose the lake house wisely

Not only should affordability be factored in but consider the space available. For two people, a small lakeside cabin might be ideal but for a large family, you'd soon be getting in the way of one another. The more people, the more space needed, so err on the side of additional space rather than less so that everyone has a space to get away to when they need to unwind most. Also, consider where everyone is going to sleep and account for personal preferences when it comes to people sharing rooms. If you've asked extended family members or friends to join you, ask them about their preferences for being accommodated;

Step 4 : Bring the comforts of home.

Bring the comforts of home. Unless you own the lake house, rentals may or may not have everything you need to comfortably enjoy your stay. It's a good idea to check the list of items provided in the rental price (many places will list this on their website but if not, ask by phone or email). Some of the more common things that might not be included in the price can be a grill, cooking utensils and cookware, sheets and additional blankets, etc., although some houses will be fully kitted out and all you need to bring is your personal belongings. Ask, otherwise you may find yourself in the local drugstore buying sheets and towels and asking for the directions to nearest laundromat before you can even settle in!

Step 5 : Take advantage of the water.

Take advantage of the water. Most lakes are suitable for doing a range of activities in, and sometimes the calmer waters of some of the smaller lakes can be a great place to learn certain water activities before trying these in larger lakes or the open sea waters. If you're stuck for ideas of ways to use that lovely lake water, here are some suggestions:

Step 6 : Preserve the memories of your stay.

Preserve the memories of your stay. Make a log book, journal, or scrapbook of each day's activities, and if you can, take plenty of photos to share once you return. If you return to the lake house regularly, these memories will build over the years and make for lovely reading through the generations.


  • Make sure you have fun.
  • Always have plenty of purified or bottled water on hand, should the local water be unsafe to drink.
  • Keep tight-fitting lids on garbage cans to deter skunks, raccoons, squirrels, possums, and other animals from making a mess.
  • Set up live traps for insects should they become a nuisance.

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